Jurassic World Trailer

At last: the trailer.

Sure it may seem a bit too much like a monster movie now but it’s based on an idea explored in the book.
In the book, there were different “versions” of each dinosaur, each new version was more resilient to disease, or was less likely to hatch with a mutation. But in the book the chief geneticist says he can make the dinosaurs “better”; more colourful, larger, bigger teeth and sharper claws; he wanted to give park visitors more than just dinosaurs: he wanted to give them the beasts that had the planet so enthralled for over a hundred years. His boss, Hammond, turned down the idea and said that it was a dinosaur park, not a place for movie monsters.

Even with the original author on the production crew of the first Jurassic Park film, a lot of things were removed and changed. The river chase with the dilophosaurs and T.rex was removed, the stegosaurus at the base of the tree that Timmy ends up in was also removed, the sick Triceratops in the film was originally meant to be a stegosaurus. That log that Grant and the kids hide behind while the rex eats a gallimimus? That scene was originally supposed to take place with Grant and the kids up a small tree, surrounded by hadrosaurs, just as the T.rex barges in and starts a stampede. The whole “he can’t see you if you don’t move” thing was originally supposed to apply to all dinosaurs in the park, excluding the raptors, because of their frog DNA = a frog’s vision is based on movement. The park was also supposed to have rides – incomplete during the events of the book – but they were there, Hammond mentions them in the first movie, but you’d think that with all the running around the island the characters would come across one or even just see it in the distance. Many a brilliant idea was removed from the story for the first film, but that simply leaves room for sequels.

In this film, not only do we get exactly what Crichton had envisioned a complete and open Jurassic Park would look like, we get the genetically engineered monster he was bound to add eventually.

So all in all, this movie is simply taking that idea and throwing it into the Jurassic Park film storyline. And Steven Spielberg is on the production crew, so it can’t be that bad (I don’t think he’d let someone else screw with his franchise, the only reason Joe Johnston directed JP3 was because Spielberg promised him).

I, for one cannot wait for this movie and am dying to look at the behind the scenes; there had better be robots (as is the Jurassic Park tradition).

But you know what’s really awesome?

It’s just the teaser trailer.

You know what else is awesome?

That gigantic Mosasaur.


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