In memory of Robin Williams.

So, some time last year I heard that a new Night at the Museum movie was coming out and I got quite excited, I instantly looked on YouTube for a trailer and I found one. Along with a few “TV Spots”. And I thought that it would be an instant hit. Now, bear with me cause I just watched this movie this morning and I haven’t had a chance to check it’s place on the Box Office charts yet, but down here in South Africa it did darn well.

Just as expected, Night at the Museum 3 is a brilliant movie, I don’t want to give it too much praise but this movie made it onto my list of favorites and worked it’s way into my top 20 overall.

The acting was great, as expected from the cast of Night at the Museum. Even the newcomers to the franchise did well in my opinion.

Graphics? I think this one’s the franchise’s most CGI intensive, the moving constellations were perfect.

Comedy wise this movie was slightly better than the others. Although jokes and wise cracks did seem to be few and far between in comparison to the other films. The jokes that it does have are hilarious (not just in my opinion but in the opinions of the audience I watched with, lots of out loud laughing – from young ones to elderly, I could hear laughing all round).

Other than that this movie was one of the best I’d seen this year.

Now to watch The Battle of the Five Armies, a movie that so far everyone I know – myself excluded – has seen. Expect a review on that one within the next two or three weeks.