Office 365: “Most features have been disabled” Most?

So last year my mother and I signed up for a subscription of Microsoft Office 365… needless to say it’s the best Office package ever. But I have one little problem:

Just the other day the subscription ended. Now, normally that would be fine, it just means that certain limitations would be placed on what I can do with the suite; but whenever I open Word or Excel (or any of the other programs in the suite) I’m greeted by a message that says “Most features of *enter program name here* have been disabled”. OK, so I can live with that; so what can I still do?

Nothing. Quite literally nothing. I can’t create new slides in Power Point, I can’t type in Word and the same can be said for Excel.

Normally when your subscription ends, you can still type, you can continue using Power Point and you can still do functions in Excel… this is not the case with 365.

They did send me a number of emails asking that I renew my subscription but I never really got to it (too busy studying and writing exams, my finals started just a few weeks ago) and whenever I wanted to do it the internet connection was practically nonexistent. So at first I thought that I’d still be able to use the suite to a certain extent, just with certain styles, fonts and features disabled, so I wasn’t too worried about my subscription ending.

Then it ended. “Fine,” I thought to myself, “this shouldn’t be too much of a setback for my writing”… yeah right. I open Word and start typing, and after having typed out a whole paragraph without looking at the screen (I was reading from something I’d already written down) I look up only to see that not a single thing has been typed out. So I try again. I open new documents, old documents, I can’t even make changes to things I’ve already written and saved.

“Most features” my ass, more like “All features”

This is somewhat of a problem for a writer. My handwriting is slow and unreadable to most people; I write in cursive, old cursive, like the writing you would expect from a Victorian era poet or novelist (just a lot more un-neat), I’ve been writing like that since Grade 2 and I can’t seem to change back into print (although my print is even worse than my cursive… and a ton slower). So when I write things out by hand it’s often just a summary of what I really want to say, although it does turn out to be a page and a half by the end of the day but still.

Now, had I been given forewarning and been told that ALL the features would be disabled I’m sure I would have renewed my subscription when the first email came. But no, they told me that most features would be disabled. Most? Most? This is annoying as hell, it pisses me off that they can lie like that and still get away with it. I don’t care how many emails I got from them, nowhere did it say that I wouldn’t even be able to type when the subscription ran out.

I would go back to using to write but I have been unable to log in since I deleted my Facebook account.

So this goes out as a warning to those using Office 365: renew your subscription the moment you get an email about it. I’m not advertising for Microsoft Office, I’m warning the users that allowing their subscriptions to end would be an inconvenience. The inconvenience to rival all inconveniences.


One thought on “Office 365: “Most features have been disabled” Most?

  1. Yeah, same thing happened to me after the free trial. I just downloaded Textmaker and LibreOffice and they are in some ways better than Word and most important they are FREE!

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