Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Last year I’d kinda promised to review this movie before it “gets ridiculously late”… well, it’s ridiculously late. There may actually be no point in reviewing it now seeing as everyone on the planet has probably watched it by now (excluding many Star Trek fans, obviously), but I’ll review it anyway.


This movie is amazing. Growing up, I’d never really watched Star Wars, I’d seen the famous “I am your father” scene and I’d seen the death of Darth Maul; that was it. I grew up watching Star Trek, I know right? Way before my time, but I loved it to bits. As a child, I would watch most shows with family and friends but Star Trek was my gig and I preferred to watch it alone. Now you know: I’m a huge Star Trek fan. Now you see just how good The Force Awakens had to have been for me to call it amazing.

I’ve always been a diehard Trekkie, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t know what was going on in a galaxy far, far away. I paid attention to Star Wars, I just never got into it. I think that’s one of the things that made The Force Awakens so good: you don’t have to be a fan of the originals to know whats going on, everything is explained just enough for newcomers to understand what exactly is going on and what happened in the past episodes. Any obvious references to past episodes are easy for newcomers to understand, all the well hidden Easter eggs are catered towards longtime fans of the franchise.

I would explain the plot and all that, but again, chances are you’ve already seen this movie. I would review Captain America: Civil War and Deadpool but (even though they haven’t been around for as long as The Force Awakens), I’m sure you’ve already seen them; besides, Deadpool needs no review or explanation. In the case of Civil War, I’ll wait until Infinity War Parts 1 and 2 have been released, then I’ll go through and explain absolutely everything in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I’ll probably do the same with DC now that Batman v Superman has arrived, but I’ll hold off on that as well.


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