Doctor Strange

In short: one hell of a good movie.

This is something we’ve all been waiting for. Forget Civil War and Deadpool, for a long time, we’ve all been wondering just when the Sorcerer Supreme would make an appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and now it’s finally happened.

BBC said ‘No’, Marvel said ‘Yes’.

Doctor Strange is about a neurosurgeon named Stephen Strange (played by Benedict Cumberbatch), who just so happens to be the best doctor in his field in the whole world (or at least, that’s the way it seems in the movie). His skill is shown in a scene where he removes a bullet from a patient’s brain freehand – this is something generally done with robotic arms that the surgeon controls, the robot moves incredibly slowly and doesn’t make the slight shaky movements human hands are prone to. Of course, the patient lives.

Stephen Strange then ends up in a car crash, the dashboard crushing his hands, breaking his fingers and severely damaging the nerves and muscles within them. Once he’s recovered from the accident himself, he is unable to work due to his now shaky hands, he spends his entire fortune on treatments for his hands (most treatments suggested are experimental and won’t work, he is told, but he tries anyway) only to find that nothing will work.

Strange then hears about a man who suffered the same damage to his spine many years before but now walks about and plays basketball and so goes to meet this man, the man sends Strange to a monastery in Kathmandu, where he meets The Ancient One. At first, he doesn’t believe in the magic described to him… until he is shown, of course.

Any further and I’d ruin the entire plot, what I just gave you there is effectively what we saw in the trailers.

Onto the movie itself.

Set in the same world as Disney’s other Marvel works, the Avengers get a mention, one scene even shows Avengers Tower; meaning that this movie was clearly set somewhere between The Avengers and Age of Ultron (Captain America: Civil War shows us that the Avengers split after Age of Ultron, leaving Avengers Tower once again to Tony Stark).

Doctor Strange showcases some pretty amazing acting, but Benedict Cumberbatch should really work on his American accent, it was believable but didn’t really sound right to some. Personally, I find it hard to look at Sherlock and hear an American accent, but that’s just me.

This film didn’t have as many jokes as one would expect from Disney’s Marvel, but those present were up to par and didn’t feel out of place, as is expected from Marvel.

What I loved most about this film was the graphics and CGI. Sure, there is a push for more practical effects these days but there are some things you just can’t do with with a robotic T.rex or a Jubba the Hutt puppet. Speaking of graphics, this movie was trippy enough, and while I don’t suggest taking drugs at all, this is one movie one should never watch while high.

I’d hate to be heavy-handed, but this was effectively a retelling of Iron Man’s story. Rich guy takes a hit, finds another way to live, becomes powerful, saves the day. Personally, I don’t really agree with the comparison but that is how many other critics out there are putting it.

What I did notice with the masses though, is that we’re starting to see younger and younger people watching Marvel’s films, along with many adults who don’t quite seem grasp the idea of a shared universe; either way, many of these newcomers don’t know the comics, I’m willing to bet a good deal of them (especially the younger ones) don’t even know these films are based on comics.

This amazing ‘superhero surge’ (that’s what I’ve decided to call it) has revitalised the public’s interest in superhero films and comicbooks) and at the end of the day, I all too happily welcome these newcomers to the fandom.


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    1. Sadly no, don’t know who to share it with, much less how to do so. I enjoy all sorts of things, I share that love on this blog, never really thought of sharing it outside of my blog.

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