LEGO Batman Movie

OK, so I was hoping to write a review on this movie straight after I watched it at its South African premiere, but I was just too damn tired afterwards. So I figured I’d sleep on it, like I do with most movies I review, but a couple of days later I realise that I still haven’t gotten to it. SO HERE IT IS!

A few years ago, the phenomenal LEGO Movie came out, and proved that LEGO is popular in all areas: as a toy, as a game and as a film. Then the producers were just like “You know what? That worked really well, lets do it again”… and so they did… and now they’re planning on doing it again; there was a trailer for a Ninjago movie right before the movie started. With LEGO having proven itself on three playing fields, I feel like they just felt like double checking and that’s why we have the LEGO Batman Movie. BUT, it was incredibly well done.

This film perfectly characterised LEGO Batman and the rest of the Bat-family. Cramming in a whole bunch of villains from different universes (doing something similar to what The LEGO Movie did); we saw the likes of Sauron, the Gremlins, Daleks, King Kong (not sure how he’s really a villain, I always saw him as more of a big, misunderstood animal), Ray Harryhausen’s Kraken, Jurassic Park’s T-rex (another misunderstood animal), Voldemort and even a shark (who I’m assuming represented every single shark in every single shark movie ever; even more misunderstood animals) and a whole lot more (including a bunch of villains from the DC comics universe). I’m sure it was pure hell just trying to get even the smallest amounts of rights to all these characters, but the legal team pulled it off; and the entire production team made pure entertainment out of it all.

The production team pulled quite a few stunts with this one, turning LEGO Batman into every Batman fanboy’s dream: the Batman from How It Should Have Ended (only this time we actually saw him get out of trouble). With constant references to every single Batman-related movie and show (as well as the famous tune that goes with some of them), there was never a single dull moment throughout the entirety of the movie.

The moment I heard that this film was in production, I knew that we’d be digging into Batsy’s emotions, and, as much as this film evidently kept up with all the Batman-related jokes, I’m glad they didn’t throw in the whole “Martha!!!” thing.

Comedic and yet somehow quite emotionally deep, The LEGO Batman Movie is a movie that I would most definitely skip work to watch over and over again (not that I skipped work to watch it, still figuring out how I managed to fit two and a half pizzas in between work and this film).

Anywho… 10/10, would watch again.


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