X-Men Origins: Wolverine (The Game)

A lesser known gem of a game.

When I say “X-Men”, I’m willing to bet that most of you think of Wolverine; when I say “Wolverine” we all instantly think of Hugh Jackman in one of the most well-known roles in the world. A role which he will soon be reprising one last time before hanging up his claws for good, with Logan coming out in the not too distant future.

After hearing that Logan would be R-rated, everyone knew that this would be the Wolverine movie we always wanted. But what about the Wolverine game we always wanted?

Enter X-Men Origins: Wolverine Uncaged Edition.

This is how Wolverine should have been portrayed in the films long ago; bloody gory and with people dying graphic deaths left, right and centre. One of the best parts about the game? Wolvie is voiced by none other than Hugh Jackman, as this game chronicles the story of its namesake film. Hugh also lent his physique to the character, Wolverine’s in-game look being made to match Jackman in almost every way; but it doesn’t look too similar that you instantly think of Hugh, it looks just different enough for you to register “Wolverine” instead of “Hugh Jackman”.

The game’s graphics aren’t the most amazing, considering when it came out (2009), but the graphics aren’t all that bad either. The amazing part, and I haven’t really seen this anywhere else, is that damage inflicted upon Wolverine creates dynamic wounds and injuries – which heal in real time.

Yup, you read right; you can stop playing and watch as Wolverine’s wounds realistically heal (as realistic as can be, considering it only takes him thirty seconds or so to heal up after having a grenade go off in his face).

As expected, you can upgrade Wolverine’s healing factor, you can upgrade your attacks and the damage they do, as you level up your health not only increases, but you gain access to more and more insane attack combos as well.

You can also use your environment to your advantage, being able to impale people on forklifts, among other environmental kill moves.

As with many games these days, there are collectibles to be found; find the right ones and you can unlock Wolverine’s classic suit… I said ‘unlock’, if you actually want to use it you’ll have to fight a high level version of Wolverine; a task during which I have died more than just a few times, still haven’t completed it.

While the mechanics are simple, the graphics aren’t amazing and the game itself is pretty old, this is still one of the best games I’ve ever played.

If ever there was a definitive X-Men game, this is it.

Image courtesy of GameSpot.


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