Logan: The Wolverine

Besides the blood and gore. this was possibly the most depressing movie I’ve seen in the last year.


We all knew this was coming at some point; from the moment we first saw Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, we knew that someday we wouldn’t be seeing the Wolverine anymore. What is interesting to note, is that very few actors in the superhero movie industry get to choose how they leave the roll; normally, actors are just replaced between sequels or the franchise is rebooted; but Jackman said he wanted to do it, and so they did it.

Logan takes place long after any of the other X-Men movies, with Logan/Wolverine taking care of an old, very sick Professor X; Logan himself is ill too, the adamantium in his body slowly killing him. This film is based on the Old Man Logan comics, detailing Logan’s “last days”, those who read the comics would instantly see the differences between the film and the original storyline, but I’ll do more on that in another post.

The biggest thing to note, the absolute biggest, is the R-rating; and for this, I could not be happier. We finally got to see Wolverine in all his bloody glory; it takes me back to playing the X-Men Origins: Wolverine game as a kid (which I reviewed not too long ago). The game really showcases Wolverine’s rage and violence, as well as his insane healing factor – Logan does the same… without the healing factor (at this point in Wolverine’s life, his healing factor has slowed and his wounds aren’t healing the way they used to).

The film makes many references to the comics (not just due to the fact that there are actual Uncanny X-Men comics in the movie) but in other ways, even hinting at the first X-Men movie.


And we finally got to see Laura! Sure, she’s a little different from the comics, but I’m willing to let that slide. Hugh Jackman will never pick up the claws again (unless 20th Century Fox decides to finally let Marvel have the film rights), but it seems Dafne Keen most certainly will sometime in the near future.

My one problem with this movie was X24… he bugs me. Specifically because it should be impossible for him to exist (according to the comics, anyway).


This movie, for all its glorious blood and gore, was actually quite depressing – for reasons I shan’t spoil; sure, the movie has been out for a few days, but I refuse to post spoilers until at least a week after the film’s release, especially in the case of Logan.


Image courtesy of superherohype.com.



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