E3 2017 After Action Report – Electronic Arts

I thought that EA’s keynote wouldn’t be such a big thing this year but they did better than expected. We got a trailer for a Battlefield 1 DLC; In the Name of the Tsar, which promises to be the first of many DLCs to come to Battlefield 1. Introducing several new maps, new vehicles, new weapons and a new class, I’m quite looking forward to seeing some gameplay footage.


Okay, so… Battlefront 2. Kinda saw this coming but I wasn’t sure it would really be something to look forward to. But, as it turns out, EA has been listening to their fans, and Battlefront 2 is glorious. One of my qualms with it’s predecessor was that we couldn’t play as droids, well, now you can play as a droid. It feels more like Battlefield than anything though, mixing and matching aerial combat with footsoldiers and a whole bunch of new classes. And the best part? We can now mix and match heroes and villains from different eras. I saw Rey and Darth Maul occupying the same screen, this is something that can only happen in games.

The real appeal here, though, is that we’ve been promised a bunch of free DLC once The Last Jedi comes out.

Then there is also the singleplayer campaign but I’m actually more keen on the multiplayer this time around. If you missed the keynote, head on over to Stonemountain64’s YouTube channel and check out the Battlefront 2 multiplayer, he’s already uploaded several videos of gameplay and they are spectacular. One thing that I thought was a nice touch was that you have to (to my understanding) unlock a hero/villain or a battle droid, you had to have a certain amount of points (kills, frags, whichever term you prefer). And this remedies what I thought was the biggest problem with Battlefront 1: if you started a match as a hero/villain, you instantly had an unfair advantage over players who were using non-hero/villain characters; now, you have to earn that advantage.

I honestly cannot wait to give this game a try, as it has so far promised to be just that much better than it’s predecessor.


I thought that Bioware wouldn’t be doing anything this year after the massive flop that was Mass Effect: Andromeda, but it turns out that they are working on something called Anthem. There had been rumours online that Bioware was up to something, a project codenamed “Dylan”, and I’m actually thankful that isn’t what the game is called. So far we know nothing of the game, other than that it seems to be a mix of The Division and Destiny. We literally got a 48 second reveal, that was it. And right at the end of said reveal, the big screen had the words “Full gameplay reveal at the Xbox E3 briefing”.

Now what would be the point of delaying the gameplay reveal and letting another company steal all the spotlight, EA?

Oh right, there is a certain console coming to the market and we have yet to actually see it in action… a certain Project Scorpio.

I believe we’ll be seeing gameplay on the Scorpio at Microsoft’s E3 keynote, that paired up with the delayed gameplay reveal leads one to believe that we will be seeing the two reveals together.


Now for the indie section, with indie gaming on the rise, EA is looking to capitalise and the upcoming game entitled A Way Out is their ticket in. A Way Out is strictly a co-op game, designed for split-screen but still playable through online co-op. The game starts with two characters in prison, each of these characters has to get to know one another and work together to escape prison and (what seems like) exact revenge on the man who put them both there. Right from the start, the screen is split, one player is in a cutscene while the other watches from a distance, the two characters meet and share a cutscene and the screen is split once more for gameplay to take over. This isn’t just drop-in/drop-out co-op like what many of us are familiar with these days, unless you have someone controlling the second character, you aren’t finishing this game anytime soon.


Then there are the sports games. Which are literally no different from what they were last year… or ten years ago. No new mechanics, just updated graphics. Although I am slightly excited for Madden 18, what with the game now including an actual campaign that centres on a main character, not a game that has gone from sports to sports management.


And now its time for payback… Need for Speed: Payback.

With games like Forza Horizon 3 and The Crew on the market, and after the disappointment that was Need for Speed: Rivals, EA is looking to get back into the street racing game gig, and NFS: Payback looks like just the way to do it.

We haven’t gotten much story information but there are three playable characters and you’ll be seamlessly jumping between them both in and outside of missions, something which I’d originally hoped we’d see back when GTAV was revealed to have multiple campaign characters.

One part of Payback that I’m really looking forward to is the restoration aspect; something I’ve always wanted to do was to buy a banged up classic car and spend the rest of my life restoring and looking after it, and in Payback you get to do just that, without spending thousands upon thousands of real world dollars. But not just restore; you get to upgrade and use these cars. Now this is sounding like the perfect racing game.



And that about wraps up EA’s E3 keynote. Let me know what you thought of it and what you’re looking forward to from EA in future.


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