Some of my friends thought Ubisoft had won E3 this year, others said Sony won. I told them to watch the Devolver Digital press conference, thinking that maybe they’d change their minds… but sadly I think their brains have turned to mush.


Devolver knew no one would take them seriously, this not only being their first time at E3 but also – yeah, I don’t know what to say. Devolver specialises in publishing indie games, which is something that other companies are now scrambling to do, but for some reason, people still look down on Devolver Digital.

Seriously guys, why you gotta hate on Devolver?


Devolver Digital knew no one would really take them seriously, so they decided to be as unconventional as they could. Their ‘conference’ was only fifteen or so minutes long and most of it consisted of skits performed on stage. I can’t really say I was canning myself but I definitely found it funny, as did the ‘audience’ (still not sure if that was a real audience or just a bunch of actors). Devolver made sure to reuse clips of the ‘audience’ over and over again, adding to the crazy gag that was their ‘conference’.

Don’t bother opening a new tab to see what they announced because they didn’t announce anything, the games they showed have already been announced. Another highly unconventional business practice.


If you’re looking to watch the Devolver Digital ‘press conference’, here’s the link, but seriously, you really do have to watch it.